28th February 2020
By Emily Ledger

Cannabidiol – a Cannabis compound widely known as CBD – is completely legal in the UK. That is if products do not exceed the legal limit of THC – the Cannabis compound that causes a ‘high’ in users. Yet, taking CBD products on a flight with you may not be as straightforward as some might expect.

CBD is becoming increasingly available and manufacturers are racing to add the ingredient to a constantly growing portfolio of products. As such, being aware of the legality of the compound is more important than ever. Unfortunately, the question of whether you can take your favourite CBD tincture on holiday with you doesn’t have a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Differing Laws in Different Destinations

Although CBD is legal in the UK, there is a chance that it may not be legal in your destination country. For example, in Sweden there are no CBD-specific laws, placing products containing the substance in something of a legal grey area. On the other hand, CBD is outright illegal in Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia, and is not authorised in many countries in Asia.

Many more countries have only legalised the use of CBD for medical purposes. This will often mean that your CBD products should be accompanied by a prescription to be allowed. Popular tourist destinations that have taken this approach include Australia and Germany.

Patchwork of Regulation

The next thing to consider is the variance of regulation across the globe. Even within the European Union, countries have developed differing regulations for the CBD industry. For example, the guideline issued by the EU puts the acceptable THC limit for hemp at 0.2%. However, this is lowered to 0% in France where the government recently clarified that their 0.2% limit “exists in order to allow the use of hemp for industrial and commercial purposes”.

In contrast, Italy has the most lenient CBD regulations. Hemp plants, and typically CBD oil, containing up to 0.6% THC are tolerated. Although not in the EU, it is worth mentioning that Switzerland allows a THC limit of up to 1%.

Standard Airline Rules

If you are happy that your destination country legally permits the use of your CBD product, that’s great! Just don’t forget to take into account normal flying rules! Although the 100ml limit does not apply to medications, your product likely doesn’t fall into this category. Bare this in mind when you are planning to take your CBD with you for your flight.


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