CBD Chocolate and Gummies by Paso – A Canex Review

6th December 2019

Despite all the amazing potential of cannabidiol (CBD) it can sometimes be hard to get around that distinctive grassy taste of the product. This can be troubling for businesses looking to incorporate CBD into sweet treats like chocolate and gummies. So, when we find products that actually do this well, we get excited!

Paso CBD is a British company based in London which produces a range of tasty edible treats, alongside stylish vape pens and vapes. Here at Canex, we got to try some of their natural apple gummies, and milk and dark chocolate.

The first notable characteristic of Paso’s products is its beautiful packaging. Each features the unique tarot-esque logo, bold yet natural colours, and an all-round luxurious feel. And to top it off, Paso’s packaging is all recyclable! But, let’s get to the products themselves.

Paso’s CBD Chocolate

Paso’s chocolate products come neatly wrapped in silver paper and then packed in eco-friendly paper packaging, The silver paper is sealed with a branded gold sticker for an extra luxurious feel. With hesitancy (as we’ve tasted some disappointing CBD chocolate in the past) we each tried a square.

Paso CBD chocolates
Source: Paso

The milk chocolate was creamy and rich – which is what you want from a chocolate bar. We kept waiting for the often displeasing earthiness of the CBD to show itself as the chocolate melted away. However, this didn’t happen.

Although the chocolate may rank below some luxury non-CBD chocolates on the market, the guys at Paso have certainly managed to make a product that stands out in the CBD world. Turns out Paso has done a great job at making CBD tasty! A feat that is commendable in itself in the world of CBD edibles.

Each 85g bar of milk, dark, and white chocolate contains 75mg of CBD and is priced at £10.

Natural Apple Gummies

The next product we tried was Paso’s CBD gummies – natural apple flavour. The product is delivered in a small branded tin, making it seem of higher quality than some others in slightly larger, plastic tubs. The gummies themselves look homemade, cut into cubes, with a light dusting, presumably to stop them from sticking together, Although this might not be what you expect from CBD gummies, it certainly didn’t put us off.

Paso CBD Gummies
Source: Paso

Again, we considered the sweet as we chewed, waiting for any hint of Cannabis flavour. And again we were pleased – there was no aftertaste to speak of. Just a naturally sweet and appley flavour which we enjoyed as we would enjoy a non-CBD gummy.

The one downside to the gummies is that they are not suitable for vegetarians, as they contain gelatin. This, unfortunately, meant that some of the team couldn’t sample them and has led to a point deduction in our product rating.

Each gummy contains 20mg of CBD and a 28g tin is priced at £22.99.

Alongside their ranges of CBD chocolate and gummies, vape cartridges and e-liquids, Paso is planning to release new products very soon. This will include CBD tinctures, to give them a complete CBD product collection.

Product Scores

Paso CBD Milk Chocolate


Paso CBD Dark Chocolate


Paso CBD Natural Apple Gummies



Beautiful Packaging

High Quality Product

High CBD Content Gummies

No CBD Aftertaste

Quite Expensive - especially the gummies

Gummies not suitable for vegetarians

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