23rd July 2019
By Emily Ledger

With our bodies reacting to the 100 plus non-psychotropic compounds found in Cannabis it’s not surprising the CBD food market is growing rapidly here in the UK.

There are thousands of symptoms that CBD is rumoured to alleviate. And, without the high of THC, that means it’s not out of bounds for anybody. CBD could help with a whole host of ailments including…

Anxiety – CBD has been found to have significant anxiety relieving properties. This is down to it’s ability to boost serotonin in the body. Serotonin is one of the chemicals that regulates mood in humans.
Epilepsy – Cannabidiol has been found to have seizure-reducing effects on patients with rare forms of Epilepsy, though it is still not completely understood how it does so.
Parkinson’s – CBD has been known to regulate the inflammation of brain areas and reduce the damage caused by Parkinson’s disease.
Multiple Sclerosis¬†– One of the only licensed medicinal Cannabis products in the UK, Sativex, was designed to treat MS. It’s benefits are again down to CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects.
Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia РCBD has been documented as having good pain-relieving qualities. It is thought that the cannabinoid can interrupt pain signals in the brain.

The Food Standards Agency are currently trying to reclassify the use of CBD in food to a ‘novel food’ classification. Do you get more ‘novel’ than CBD chocolate?

We tried, new on the market, ‘CBD Creations Belgian Milk Chocolate.’ Here’s what we thought…


Each bar weighs 100g, and contains 100mg of CBD (Cannabidiol).


Smooth, quite light but uber chocolatey. What more could you possibly want from a bar of the good stuff? A little bit of a CBD hit perhaps?

If you’ve taken/tried CBD products before you may already know they have a distinct taste unlike anything else. It can leave a slight bitter, almost grassy/earthy, taste in the mouth but that is counteracted here by the sweetness of the cocoa and vanilla.

In this particular bar there is certainly a subtle hint of CBD that does linger but it’s not overpowering or unpleasant.

If milk chocolate isn’t your thing, they also have a white chocolate with honeycomb or head over to the dark side with the CBD Creations Belgian Dark chocolate.


Brown resealable packaging with bronze detailing to keep your chocolate fresh when you don’t want to eat the entire bar.


Sugar. Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin), Natural vanilla flavouring, Full spectrum CBD

Price Point Р£9.95 for 100g

Available in store at The Health Shop, Mansfield.

Product Scores

CBD Creations Milk Chocolate


Smooth, quite light but uber chocolatey.
The sweetness of the chocolate does a great job of counteracting the classic CBD taste.
There's a great selection of flavours available, so if milk chocolate isn't your thing, give the dark chocolate, or white chocolate and honeycomb a go!
CBD has a grassy, earthy taste, which you can pick up on in this chocolate. That being said, it is not unpleasant and it doesn't linger.

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