25th May 2019
By Emily Ledger
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CBD oil and Hemp oil are both extracted from Cannabis plants – so what is the difference between them? We compare the difference in extraction, uses and benefits.

Even though the levels of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid present in the Cannabis plant) are extremely low in both CBD oil and Hemp oil, the concentrations of CBD found in the different Cannabis plants can be huge.

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What is the Difference?

Hemp oil, derived from a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is bred to have a low THC concentration, also has a low CBD concentration (typically around 3.5%). On the other hand, CBD oil can contain a CBD concentration of up to 20%.

Part of the plant

The reason for this difference in concentrations can be to do with the parts of the plant which are harvested for oil. For Hemp oil, only the seeds are used in the extraction process. To extract CBD oil, the leaves, flowers and stems are all used.

Type of plant

Another reason for this difference is the type of plant that is used. Where Hemp oil is exclusively extracted from Hemp plants, CBD oil can also be extracted from other Cannabis Sativa plants. In some cases, this may also increase the concentration of THC. However, to be legal for sale in the UK, CBD products must contain a maximum THC level of 0.2%.

Medicinal Value

The lower concentration on CBD in Hemp oil means that it has fewer medical benefits. Hemp and its derivatives are used as an ingredient in many things – from clothes to beauty products. CBD oil is also used in an array of products. However, it is additionally considered to be effective in the treatment of many mental and physical disorders, as well as general well-being.

You can find out more about how CBD oil can benefit your health in our Guides page.

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