Europe CBD Expo – A Step in the Right Direction for the Industry

15th July 2019

Organisers, influencers and exhibitors have announced this weekend’s London CBD Expo a success.

The event, which took place over Friday and Saturday this weekend, brought together experts, businesses and consumers to showcase the potential of the CBD industry. Exhibitors at the convention included market experts and weathered international CBD brands, as well as plenty of new brands.

From coffee and sports drink, to popcorn, sweets and chocolate, there was CBD-everything on offer to attendees. But it wasn’t all about the products. Experts presented speeches on the CBD and medical industries as well as the legislation around them. The aim was to highlight the demand for the industry, and demonstrate that legislation needs to catch up to this demand.

Chief Executive Officer of London Canna Group & Organiser of the event, Sal Noble wrote:

“Our mission to make cannabis inclusive and the new normal is still no where near complete, so lets keep going and keep an eye out on for whats to come.

Themes of the Expo included Consumer Education, the need for Cannabis Regulation and Testing, Cannabinoid Development Strategies, Concepts/Misconceptions and Evidence of Clinical Trials, Patient Care, and Women in the Cannabis Industry.

The sponsor of the event was Ignite CBD, a new company headed by Dan Bilzerian, well-known gambler and playboy-turned-entrepreneur. Ignite CBD also presented their launch at the event to the audience of both CBD fanatics, and those who were simply curious what all the fuss was about.

The event, aiming to raise awareness around the need for regulation of the CBD industry, comes just weeks after a study by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis found that over half of the tested CBD oils on the market had made false claims about their content.

Since the study, a number of businesses and experts have emphasising the need for responsible and safe self-regulation, on an industry in which official legislation is yet to catch up.

Despite the current shortcomings of the industry, events like the Europe CBD Expo encourage awareness and passion for the industry.

Image – courtesy of Europe CBD Expo.

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