5 Things you need to know about CBD

5 Things you need to know about CBD

In the UK, the CBD market is growing rapidly. Maintaining good health is vital as everything else in your life stems from this. More than ever before, people are choosing to take…

Clinical Trial Set to Analyse the Effects of CBD on Parkinson's Symptoms

CBD Vs Parkinson’s

It seems that there are new studies everyday exploring the effects of CBD on all kinds of illnesses and disorders. Whilst there is a catalogue of positive research on the effects of…

CBD Oil & Epilepsy

CBD Vs Epilepsy

It was recently made possible for doctors in the UK to prescribe Cannabis-based medications to…

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Pollen - New Luxury CBD Brand Launches in the UK

Pollen – New Luxury CBD Brand Gets Approval from Kim K

One of the co-founders of alcoholic confectionary company, Smith & Sinclair, has launched a new luxury CBD brand – Pollen. The brand launched towards the end of last year, with an array…