3 Things to know about CBD Capsules

25th May 2019

CBD is now available in various methods, from ointments to spray, creams to gummies. Most of these products are designed to provide a mild relief for an array of problems. CBD oils and capsules remain the most effective way to introduce the natural product to your body.

But while information about oils has been well documented, here are three things to know about capsules.

What’s Inside?

The capsules contain CBD, an extract of an industrial Cannabis Sativa plant. Using CO2 extraction, capsules retain the highest quality Cannabinoids, essential oils and other main compounds extracted from the Cannabis plant.

Capsules possess the exact same qualities as CBD oil, also containing only trace amounts of THC. However they take slightly longer to take effect as they need to dissolve as you digest them.

What type of Capsules are available?

The two main version of CBD capsules are soft gels and traditional capsules. Soft gels are closer to the original plant as they are formed from a paste, liquefied and then encapsulated.

For traditional capsules the CBD extract is powdered and then moulded into shape. This can make them more affordable yet remains the same strength.

The Dosage May Differ

Just like CBD oils, tablets and capsules are available in a range of different strengths. These can range from a 10mg to 25mg CBD content. Because of their exact measurements of ingredients, capsules may well be the most accurate way to dose CBD. They can give you the confidence that, once you have discovered your optimal CBD dosage, you can easily stick to it.

It is always encouraged to start with a small dosage of CBD and work up to higher concentrations per capsules if needed.

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