Hemp Point Water Soluble CBD: A Canex Review

8th December 2021

Following on from our latest Hemp Point CBD oil review, today we are going to share our thoughts around their 500mg water-soluble CBD. Complete with energy-boosting supplements Zinc and B complex.


– Healthy immune function
– Promotes a healthy heart and blood vessels

Vitamin B Complex

– Energy levels
– Cell health
– Digestion
– Nerve Function
– Cell Health


Here’s what they say…

‘At Hemp Point, we operate differently. We prioritise transparency in a way that few other brands do, and we are never more than an email away in the event you would like to discuss aspects of how to use your Hemp Point product.’

‘You’re surely aware that there are no shortages of options when it comes to CBD oils in the UK. Numerous retail stores these days – including many big names on the High Street – are offering a variety of CBD products. Again, however, the quality of some of these products can not always be known or trusted. The industry is largely unregulated which is why there are so many CBD brands that falsely claim to contain CBD (Cannabidiol) when they actually none at all, claim a product contains far more CBD than it actually does, refuse to share lab results for their CBD oil products, make false claims about the miraculous things CBD cannot do. Hence why all of our CBD Oil products have a QR code with a lab verification report on the packaging. Depending on climate and seasonality, we source our hemp from different suppliers across Europe, to guarantee that we always get the highest quality product.’

For the purpose of my review, I tried this neat, with water and in coffee. Let’s get into it…

First thought when trying this neat was that this is super strong in flavour, but not the usual earthy bitter hemp flavour. It’s almost fruity with hints of honey and lemon which makes it perfect to have in water and I imagine in things like smoothies and acai bowls. I didn’t particularly warm to it in my coffee but that’s really down to personal taste.

Unlike CBD oils, this 100% vegan tincture has nanoemulsion technology meaning it creates a uniform distribution of the active ingredients and also has rapid onset. It is also much easier to absorb than oil and is actually up to 8 times more effective.

Hemp Point also has a dosage calculator on their site so you know you are getting the exact amount for your body and ailment which is a really handy tool, especially for those that have not tried CBD before.

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