Hemp Point CBD Oil: A Canex Review

7th December 2021

CBD oils are easy to come by but, here at Canex, we believe in quality over quantity. This time we are reviewing Hemp Point’s 2000mg CBD oil and it doesn’t disappoint.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves…

“Working with a global network of wellbeing enthusiasts and health experts, Hemp Point has been able to produce a catalogue that is industry-leading. After 24 months, our journey for better is over and a new adventure awaits.

“Building on the parent company’s success and leading product range back in Germany this is a robust solution to the pro-growing blem of poor quality CBD and ill-informed businesses selling it.

“Using the finest hemp plants and a bespoke extraction process centered on clarity and calm, means the cannabinoids, nutrients, and antioxidants are preserved for superior purity in every batch. Testing and more testing follows. Our teams are handpicked for their ability but also their passion for the space.”


One thing that really stood out to me – that I haven’t seen on any other CBD website as of yet – is the CBD dosage calculator. You add in your weight, severity of symptoms, CBD/CBG strength, and bottle size and it works out the correct dosage for you, per day!

It’s amazing for those new to taking CBD but also for the ‘long haulers’ to make sure you are taking the perfect amount – so there is no misuse involved and you reap all the wonderful benefits CBD has to offer.

Hemp Point practices organic farming using EU-certified seeds to produce their full-spectrum oils.

The 2000mg bottle is the most potent they have to offer, with them starting as low as 500mg per bottle. The range they offer will suit a wide range of CBD users and a wide range of ailments.

It is at the higher end of the market, price at £79.90 for the 2000mg bottle, but that really comes across in the quality of the brand and the product, from the website all the way to the bottle itself.

The hemp/cannabis scent and taste are definitely potent in this one – there is no denying that – but I really don’t think that should be a problem. If you are partial to that smell and flavour like a lot of us are, then win-win I say.

I like to give all the products we review here a solid two weeks of use so I can give my honest opinion. Good or bad. I have tried MANY oils and Hemp Point is definitely up there with the best. For people that can’t quite get past the oily texture or the scent, they also offer a water-soluble CBD you can add to water, coffee, smoothies – you name it! And we will be reviewing that one next.

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