Browns 5% CBD Hemp Oil: A Canex Review

15th December 2021

Insomnia, mental health issues, muscle, and chronic pain. One or all can be the reason for diving into the world of CBD.

If you don’t already know (we are sure you do) Cannabidiol or as it is more commonly known CBD is an oil derived from the cannabis plant. It has no psychoactive ingredients meaning it doesn’t produce a high and instead treats your ailments.

This week’s review is about Brown’s 5% CBD Hemp Oil. An ethical Sheffield (UK) start-up. Here’s what they have to say…

‘ After experiencing first-hand the powers of the Hemp plant to improve quality of life, we launched the company to help spread its benefits far and wide. Always offering the most effective products at market-leading prices, and respecting the plant’s natural balance of cannabinoids. ‘

‘ Quality forms the foundations of our company ethos. We promise to only offer the most effective products available and that they are Natural, Legal & Safe. We work with industry-leading experts to ensure that this promise is kept. ‘

‘ We sell our products at the lowest possible prices in order to make the benefits of our products affordable for as many people as possible. ‘


Brown’s CBD Hemp oils range from 5%-25% or 500mg-2500mg if you prefer with prices ranging from a very respectable £24.99 all the way to a pricier £84.99.

They pride themselves on being vegan, 100% natural, gluten-free, lab tested, EU grown, CO2 extracted, no pesticides, no heavy metals, and ISO 22000 certified.

They provide dosage information, the oils mentioned above as well as other products such as gummies, patches, capsules, and even CBD for your dog all great for newbie consumers.

Now, I take CBD most days along with everyone here at Canex, and believe me, we have tried MANY and we are always divided on flavour. Personally, I prefer a flavoured oil as hemp is particularly bitter to me but as I say every time, it is all down to personal preference and there are others at Canex that love that hempy taste over fruity flavours any day.

If you haven’t already guessed, Browns CBD is naturally flavoured with Hemp but it’s certainly not overpowering. It is bitter but almost has a floral, fruity taste to it. It doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste which can be so common with CBD and Hemp oils so it’s a win from us.

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