How can alcohol be legal in the UK when we continue to criminalise cannabis use?

26th July 2021

The pictures of the English “football fans” going crazy – throwing bottles at each other and sticking up bottles in places where they really-really-really shouldn’t – before the Euros final at Wembley shocked the whole nation and everybody else all around the world…

…or did they?

The British love their drinks. We all know that and, believe it or not, the world knows it well – too well, if you ask me.

From the lads who flock to Prague and Budapest, just to name a few, to throw a stag-do and, as a result, piss all over the city centres and get in brawls with the locals to all those flying to Ibiza to get hammered on cheap drugs and booze, the British tourists are “loved” everywhere they go.

With a little bit of exaggeration, there is a story in the papers about drinking and the following violence every single week in the UK.

According to The Times, in 39% of violent incidents recorded in 2018, the victim believed the offender to be under the influence of alcohol.

Also, did you know that “one in ten people in a hospital bed are alcohol-dependent, according to the NHS, with heavy drinkers costing the health service £3.5 billion a year in England alone”?

What’s more – there were reportedly 5,460 alcohol-specific deaths registered in England and Wales from January to the end of September 2020, alone. Compare this to zero cannabis-specific deaths… ever!

So, how on Earth can we justify the fact that alcohol is legal while cannabis is not?

How many more studies do you need to legalise a drug that, if anything, makes you calmer and more relaxed – on the contrary to alcohol that makes you do silly stuff, just to get embarrassed and beaten up in broad daylight?

Countless studies have now demonstrated that cannabis has a much lower risk of addiction than alcohol and tobacco – both of which are still legal and widely available in the UK.

What’s the reason that you allow people to do ten shots and ten pints and be around people, but if you smoke cannabis, that might actually help to settle down a little bit after a long day/week, you become an offender – a drug abuser (sic), they say.

So cannabis is still illegal, but “football fans” are able to consume as much alcohol as they want and storm London (or insert a city <here>) while the police don’t even flinch.

How is this even possible in modern-day Britain?

Where were the police when these thugs went berserk before the final? Someone said there was a peaceful BLM protest – they might have saved their energy for that one, yeah?

Following the scenes at the Euros finals at Wembley, people from around the world were laughing at (and not with) England once again.

We all saw the result. It was embarrassing. It was disgraceful.

How on Earth can you make stoners the enemy of the people after that night?

How can newspapers continue to run pieces with a headline that says “What you should do if you can smell someone smoking cannabis next door?”

Be honest, if you had to choose between those thugs and people smoking cannabis, would you pick the thugs?

Clearly, those running the country would.

We need change, and we need it as soon as possible.

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