American Company Develop CBD Activewear

2nd September 2019

We have seen a huge array of CBD drinks, edibles and health supplements enter the market recently. But one American company is doing something that most of us would never have thought of… CBD activewear.

Acabada ProActiveWear, has become the first activewear brand to infuse their clothes with CBD. In an industry where new products are being launched every day, this release certainly appeals to curiosity.

The company, which is based in New York, was founded by Seth Baum, who has over 30 years of experience in the clothing industry. Acabada’s first CBD collection will be marketed at women and feature sports bras, leggings, jackets, shorts, and bodysuits.

American Company Develop CBD Activewear
Source: Acabada

Baum, Founder and CEO of Acabada ProActivewear, said:

“By physically infusing CBD into our garments, our product lives at the intersection of fashion, fitness, and wellness”

The aim was to harness CBD’s potential healing properties, to create sportswear which soothes muscles as you exercise. Many sportsmen and women have reported positive effects of CBD products when recovering after intensive training.

Baum added, “while typical CBD products such as tinctures and edibles are growing exponentially in popularity, we began to envision a product that addressed health and wellness through a different lens.”

But how does it work?

It might sound far-fetched, but Acadaba has utilised microencapsulation technology to infuse their fabrics. This method of infusion has been used for a number of different products, including materials infused with aloe vera extracts and perfumes.

The CBD-infused fabric is then incorporated into the activewear to effectively target the most vulnerable muscles. The CBD is designed to be gradually released as friction with your body increases.

Each item in the collection is infused with up to 25g of 99.9% pure, zero-THC lab-certified CBD extract. The CBD infused clothing is designed to remain effective through 40 high-intensity workouts and wash cycles.

When the products have lost their CBD life, customers can sustainably recycle the items through Acabada’s upcycling program. Acabada gives customers a 30% discount on their next purchase when an item is returned to them.

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