Association for the Cannabinoid Industry to be launched by the CMC

29th October 2019

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) has launched the new website for their new CBD industry body – the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI). The website outlines the new draft Quality Charter, set out by the CMC in collaboration with the regulatory consultants GRS.

CMC launched in December 2018, in response to the UK’s growing CBD industry. Their market and industry analysis, ‘CBD in the UK‘ was published in June 2019. It remains the most extensive review of the industry and market, to date.

Although the review provided some useful – and surprising – insights into the UK industry, it also found some shortcomings. These were found throughout the retailers and products, as well as the regulations and guidelines that support them.

It found that only 38% of the products tested were labeled correctly. This meant that the cannabinoid content of most products was either under or over-stated. In some cases, the oils also contained illicit substances, like THC or otherwise harmful ingredients such as heavy metals and high concentrations of ethanol.

A statement from the CMC, reads:

“In what is fast becoming a moment of reckoning for this industry our unequivocal commitment is to provide the required stewardship to support the development of a legal and safe, regulated cannabinoid industry in the UK.”

The ACI has been designed to provide more clear regulatory guidelines to companies operating within the UK CBD industry. These companies can become members of the association, once they have been proven to be compliant with these guidelines.

As well as working “closely with the FSA to facilitate the prompt submission of quality novel food applications, putting members on the legal pathway to compliance”, the ACI will also provide product testing, to ensure that members are in compliance with the Quality Charter.

The Association will be formally launching on the 8th of November, with the publication of its official Quality Charter.


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