Bermuda’s premier won’t tailor their laws to fit UK cannabis policies

22nd November 2021

Bermuda’s parliament is set to vote on a proposal that would legalise the recreational use of cannabis – a move that would go against the UK’s cannabis convention.

According to The Royal Gazette, David Burt, the Premier of Bermuda, has announced that the legislation will be introduced for a vote in parliament very soon.

According to the paper, the proposal (known as the Cannabis Licensing Act) has already been passed by the House of Assembly once but turned back from the Senate.

The proposed law – which would essentially mean the complete legalisation of cannabis on the island – would, however, violate the limits of international conventions on the drug.

However, a number of countries have now rejected the convention in favour of reforms. For example, recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada, Uruguay, and Luxembourg, with Germany and Switzerland also on the verge of legalisation.

The Cannabis Licencing Act would legalise recreational cannabis and create a regulated business framework.

However, Mr Burt reiterated that the proposal would be put on a vote in the parliament once again.

Following his meeting with Amanda Milling, the Minister of State for the Overseas Territories, he said: “It was critical to making it clear that there is no intention by the Government of Bermuda to amend the current legislation to conform to the 60-year-old convention that allows cannabis supply for medicinal purposes only.

“Many countries, such as Canada, that allow regulated supply of cannabis for non-medicinal purposes, are signatories to that convention.

“The overall intent of the legislation is clear, and it enjoys the support of the Bermuda electorate, which was confirmed at the last General Election.

“The Government is undeterred in advancing the Bill through the legislature again this year.

“Through the Home Office, Bermuda and the UK Government have agreed to accelerate discussions at the official level to ensure that the will of the Bermudian electorate as expressed through their democratically elected representatives is respected.”

He has previously said that failure to give assent to the cannabis legislation would destroy the relationship with the UK.

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