Bridging The Gap – Sativa Learning

4th January 2022

It’s that time of year again where we bring to you our end-of-year Canex awards for all of our favourites in the CBD and medical cannabis industries. This year has been particularly hard on small businesses and people’s health and wellbeing and we want to celebrate those in charge and those that are still going against all odds…

Knowledge around cannabis is surprisingly lacking in the medical sector as well as among the general public – despite thousands of years of use. Education on the subject has never been more important, making the work done by Sativa Learning invaluable.

Canex is awarding its ‘Bridging the Gap’ award to Sativa Learning for its contribution to closing the cannabis knowledge gap.

“Sativa Learning are thrilled to receive this year’s Bridging the Gap award from Canex. As the cannabis sector continues to thrive, our goal is to provide accredited, expert-led education to meet the needs of the industry. We bring the world’s leading cannabis experts directly to you, in the form of online learning.” – Ryan McCreanor, Founder & CEO of Sativa Learning

Sativa Learning is an online learning platform that was created with the aim of improving education around all things cannabis – from the blossoming CBD industry to medical cannabis and hemp. The CPD-accredited platform launched last year with the CBD Industry Professional course.

Now, the team at Sativa Learning are preparing to launch their latest addition to their learning resources – the Medical Cannabis course. This latest course was developed in collaboration with the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and includes expert-led educational content from 9 doctors experienced in medical cannabis, as well as personal accounts from 9 medical cannabis patients, and over 2 hours of video learning content in our 30+ videos!

Sativa Learning’s Medical Cannabis course launches on the 10th of January – be sure to check it out!

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