Canex becomes first organisation to make monthly contributions to Sapphire Medical Foundation

31st January 2022

Canex is proud to be the first organisation to partner with the Sapphire Medical Foundation to contribute to the costs of medical cannabis prescriptions of patients in the UK with the greatest need.

The Sapphire Medical Foundation was established with the simple aim of breaking down barriers in patient access to medical cannabis – in particular, the financial constraints currently associated with treatment.

Medical cannabis can have significant and even life-transforming effects for vulnerable patients in the UK whose lives are blighted by chronic conditions. While access to medical cannabis through the NHS is still virtually non-existent, private clinics have been a lifeline for many.

However, the costs currently associated with the manufacture and import of these medicines can often be a major barrier to patients. That’s why in December 2020 the Sapphire Medical Foundation became a registered charity with the vision of “Reducing the financial barriers of access to medical cannabis.”

In addition to the option of one-off donations, organisations can also sign up to make monthly contributions towards a patient’s prescription costs for a whole year.

According to the Foundation, the typical cost of a medical cannabis prescription for chronic pain is £114 per month. However, the Sapphire Medical Foundation aims to support patients with the greatest need, facing the largest financial barriers.

Some patients will have prescription costs that exceed £1000 per month. This means that without financial support access to this potentially life-changing medicine is limited.

Dr Simon Erridge, Co-Founder and Trustee at Sapphire Medical Clinics, commented: “We at the Sapphire Medical Foundation would like to thank Canex for supporting us in our efforts to reduce the financial barrier of access to medical cannabis in the UK.”

“Canex is the first organisation to commit to our charity and we hope many others will join them. We look forward to continuing this partnership over the next year and into the future.”

If you would like to learn more about making a one-off contribution, click here.

If you are an organisation and you are interested in making monthly contributions, click here.

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