TRIP CBD Cold Brew Coffee and Sparkling Drinks – A Canex Review

21st April 2020

During the Coronavirus lockdown, we’ve been stocked up with some fresh CBD products to try, and review, for our readers. First up is CBD brand TRIP’s core drinks collection, containing three expansive options. Let’s see what we thought!

TRIP CBD Cold Brew Coffee

With the lovely weather we have been having, there is arguably no better way to start the day than with a cooling, yet waking cold brew coffee. And if that coffee has CBD in it, then all the better! So, we were thrilled to receive TRIP’s cold brew Americano to try out.

TRIP uses Guatemalan coffee beans in their 24-hour brew and infuses it with 15mg of full-spectrum CBD. The blend is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan, with no added sugar, and as TRIP says, “designed for jitter-free energy”.

TRIP CBD Cold Brew Coffee
TRIP CBD Cold Brew Coffee

TRIP’s cold brew coffee definitely delivered a refreshing hit of caffeine, with the bonus of a dose of CBD. However, the blend is quite bitter – no doubt down to the drink having no added sugar. For those who don’t usually put sugar in their coffee, this coffee is probably right for them – and for those who do like a little sweetness (like me), you can always add some yourself!

Overall, we think that this is a good CBD product with a strong coffee taste and no woody aftertaste as you sometimes find with these products!

TRIP Peach Ginger Sparkling CBD Drink

Next up is TRIP’s warming, yet refreshing Peach Ginger sparkling CBD drink. Each can of Peach Ginger can be enjoyed completely guilt-free, with no added sugar and only 19 calories! What’s more, it’s packed full of goodies including ginger (duh), ginseng, chamomile, and turmeric.

Just like the brand’s cold brew, their sparkling fruity drinks also pack a 15mg dose of CBD, as well as being dairy and gluten-free, and vegan! Each 250ml can contains 19 calories and zero sugar.

TRIP CBD Peach Ginger drink
TRIP CBD Peach Ginger

This drink made for a great refreshment on a sunny afternoon sat in the garden. The warming sensation of the ginger is nicely complemented by the fruity and sweet undertone of peach. It also goes great with a cheeky gin and tonic! I sliced up some extra ginger and added a spritz of lime juice – delicious!

TRIP Elderflower Mint Sparkling CBD Drink

Last (but not least) is the second of TRIP’s sparkling CBD drinks – Elderflower Mint. You guessed it, just like the rest of their drinks, this flavour is also dairy and gluten-free, and vegan, with no added sugar! Alongside subtle elderflower and mint flavours, each can also contains ginseng, lemon balm, L-THEANINE, and rooibos.

TRIP CBD Elderflower Mint Drink
TRIP CBD Elderflower Mint

We found this drink to be just as refreshing as TRIP’s Peach Ginger offering, with a slightly sweeter undertone. Like all of the brand’s drinks, there was no CBD aftertaste to be found, which we always appreciate! Although the flavours are more subtle than in their other sparkling fruit drink, we found that this option still packs a punch and can also stand its ground in a G+T!

The final thing we have to say about TRIP’s CBD drinks regards the packaging. Each slimline can features a cool and art line drawing which plays into the effortless cool of the company’s branding. We almost didn’t want to throw them away!

All of TRIP’s CBD drinks are priced at £19.99 (six-pack) or £64.99 (24-pack)

Product Scores

TRIP CBD Cold Brew Coffee


TRIP Peach Ginger


TRIP Elderflower Mint



Cold Brew Coffee was slightly bitter

Beautiful packaging and branding

Refreshing sparkling drinks

Adaptable drinks, great as a mixer!

Quite expensive

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