‘Cannabis Europa’ showed us cannabis is already the real deal

15th November 2021

After two long years of waiting, London once again hosted the biggest European and global cannabis industry leaders in one of the continent’s most inclusive conferences – Cannabis Europa.

The result? Well, we can all agree that there was no rock left unturned. Cannabis is fast becoming the biggest opportunity for investment. Europe is on the verge of adopting significant reforms – and the conference only confirmed that.

The money and expertise in the industry are something no government or Western country should ignore. Those days are gone.

From investment and healthcare to recreational use, cannabis provides countries, patients and entrepreneurs a special opportunity as we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic.

We learnt that “The Great European Opportunity” is real. This is the time to invest in cannabis; this is the time to take a step forward and utilise this fantastic plant.

Those who hesitate will be left behind.

However, I think the most important panel discussion was about medical cannabis and the years following its legalisation in the UK.

Apart from a few of us in the media, and some with real-life experience ringing the bell day in and out about the issue, there is still not a whole lot of real discussion around (medical) cannabis. Maybe the stigma is still too strong, but it can often seem as though the topic or the issue does not exist.

It was great to listen to the speakers at Cannabis Europa because everyone there, regardless of how, was engaged somehow. Everyone was carefully listening and trying to come up with something that could eventually move this ship forward.

Cannabis Europa showed us that the potential of cannabis is real. The issue is real. The problem families face is real, and the solution is here. That makes it even more infuriating that millions are left alone in their misery.

Some would argue that this government let its patients down. That’s tens of thousands of people let down when the UK still doesn’t provide clear guidelines so they can get access to medical cannabis via the NHS.

The time has come: it is time to educate our doctors for the sake of the millions of people who would be benefiting from getting medical cannabis.

Europe – with Germany paving the way – is slowly catching up on North America, and the market will undoubtedly only continue to grow in the next few years.

Business owners are very determined to make it happen in the UK as well. It is now the government’s task to up its game, liberate the market, and cash in.

Cannabis is the real deal.

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