Cannabis Industry in Shock as New York Bans Delta-8 THC

25th May 2021

After a controversial proposal that would see one of the “hot” new cannabis products banned in New York, businesses on the cannabis market were forced to close and take their assets to other states, such as Florida.

Syracuse reports that a proposal includes a provision declaring that “cannabinoid and cannabinol products made through” a special chemical process called isomerisation “can no longer be sold in New York”.

As we put it in a recent article, Delta-8 THC “is one of the four most common cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant, however, it is still only naturally present in extremely small quantities.

Researchers found that Delta-8 THC produces a high similar to that of the most common cannabinoid, Delta-9 THC.

Although New York recently legalised recreational cannabis – more precisely the possession and use of a small amount of the drug for those aged 21 or over –, the decision to ban Delta-8 THC has shocked businesses across the state.

However, New York is not the first to ban Delta-8 THC. According to Syracuse, at least 12 other states have made the compound illegal over recent years.

According to High Times, residents and businesses are upset over the decision, and some have already closed their CBD retailers and moved to other states.

One CBD business owner Gary Comey told local media that he had a supplier based in Texas where they do not make Delta-8 THC synthetically, so he hopes to use this “loophole” to stay afloat.

He said: “If I can get it, and they tell me it’s not synthetic, then I’ll keep it as long as I can.”

Delta-8 THC has become very popular in the US, as it offers ample option to consumers – it can work as edible, and also it can be vaped and smoked.

Syracuse says that the proposal is subject to a comment period through July 19.

Jill Montag, a state Health Department spokeswoman said: “After such time, the Department will assess all comments and if no further changes are necessary, adopt the regulations as written, at which time the prohibition on products manufactured with Delta 8 created through isomerisation will be immediately effective.”

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