5th November 2019
By Emily Ledger

Our recent article regarding the growing network of Cannabis members clubs in the UK received a lot of attention from some of our readers. So, we decided to put together a list of some of the more active of the members’ groups, and policy reform groups, currently listed by the UK Cannabis Social Clubs network. 

This list includes groups and clubs from around the UK, which aim to inform on policy reform and provide support for those with an interest in Cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Some of the clubs listed may also organise meet-ups for like-minded people in their local areas.

  • Bath Cannabis Club – Facebook
  • Basingstoke Canna Club – Facebook
  • Brighton Cannabis Club – Facebook
  • Bristol Cannabis Club – Website
  • Liverpool (Chillin’ Rooms) – Instagram
  • Donegal Cannabis Social Club – Facebook
  • Eastbourne Cannabis Club – Facebook
  • Glasgow Cannabis Social Club – Facebook
  • Ipswich (Green Man Compassion) – Website
  • Hampshire Cannabis Community – Website
  • Hitchin Cannabis Club – Facebook
  • Kent (High Society) – Instagram
  • Lanarkshire Cannabis Community – Facebook
  • Leeds Cannabis Club – Facebook
  • Letchworth Cannabis Club – Facebook
  • Milton Keynes Cannabis Social Club – Facebook
  • Teesside Cannabis Club – Website
  • The Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Group – Facebook
  • Swansea Cannabis Club – Website
  • Wirral (The 271 Club) – Instagram

While there are more groups listed by the UK Cannabis Social Clubs Network, not all the groups remain active. Due to the nature of the groups, it is common that they may close down and reform. However, the majority of the groups on this list have been active for a number of years.


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