Cannabis industry leader wants to open a lab on the Moon

26th August 2021

A cannabis business owner and CEO has revealed details of his vision that would see the opening of a cannabis lab being on the Lunar surface in the future.

According to the Owner and CEO of Key to Life Supply, Tate Dooley, people working in the cannabis industry need to start thinking about interplanetary solutions to help them reach their potentials as the “bright future” of cannabis becomes increasingly evident.

In a recent statement, Dooley says: “The future of the cannabis industry is not only bright, but its possibilities are nearly endless!

“Not only is it medicine, but in the form of hemp, it can also be a source of food and protein, a building material, a soil rejuvenator, a source of fibre for clothing and rope, a replacement for plastics, a producer of oil, and many other things that would take pages and pages to describe.

“This not only means a decrease in slow-growing sources of materials like trees, but it also means a diversification of new jobs, new income, new infrastructure and a second chance to consider logistics and transportation possibilities.”

They added companies like Tesla could be handy in expanding the possibilities of cannabis. For instance, Tesla’s rocket technology could assist in “composting facilities” to produce fuel sources and materials.

Key to Life is calling for innovative, creative people to share their vision to help the industry go forward.

The statement ends with hopes that cannabis on the Moon could in fact be a possibility!

They say: “As we move into the future, cannabis technology will continue to provide both the funding and the research to make our dreams a possibility.

“Our vision of cultivating cannabis on the Moon is not only possible, but with your support and our forward-thinking team hard at work, it is probable!”

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