Cannabis use could improve sexual function and orgasms

20th January 2022

A new study found that more frequent cannabis and alcohol use could improve sexual function and even orgasms in young people.

In a small survey published by researchers at the University of Almeria, in Spain, 274 participants aged between 18 and 30 were asked about their cannabis (and alcohol) use before sex.

According to their findings, more frequent cannabis and alcohol users reported more satisfying experiences compared to those who abstained or mixed the two substances.

The researchers concluded: “Sexual function is improved in young people who are high-risk cannabis consumers with a moderate risk of alcohol use, resulting in increased desire, arousal, and orgasm.

“This improvement is usually associated with a reduction in anxiety and shame, which facilitates sexual relationships. However, according to the literature, this increase in sexual function is generally accompanied by unsafe sexual behaviours, given that the use of drugs, notably alcohol and cannabis, in recreational nightlife settings is highly normalized and ingested in large quantities.

“Thus, further information and training on the sexual risks involved with the use of substances such as cannabis and alcohol are required, particularly for young people, who are the population most vulnerable to sexual risk behaviours and health-related problems associated with drug use.

“Additionally, sexual education for the younger population must incorporate strategies and education to lessen anxiety and shame during sexual encounters.”

Over previous years, more people have reported more intense sexual experiences after consuming cannabis or even CBD.

There’s even a term for those who want to enhance their sex life with cannabis – they are called “Cannasexuals.”

In a documentary, a cannasexual, Ashley Manta described this group of people as people who mindfully and deliberately combine sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure.

She said: “It doesn’t have to be psychoactive. THC, the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, is a vasodilator, ergo it brings more blood flow into the area. It’s why your eyes are red when you’re smoking.

“So, if you put something containing THC directly on your vagina, more blood comes to the area, which means more lubrication and greater arousal and enhanced sensation.

“You are not going to feel high; just enjoy the physical benefits without having any psychoactive side effects.”

While some don’t necessarily agree with cannabis use, in general, more people are seemingly choosing to explore what the substance could offer them in the bedroom.

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