CBD Psoriasis Cream by Canzon – A Canex Review

14th May 2020

Cannabis compound CBD is taking the wellness world by storm, with CBD tinctures and capsules now available in most health shops, and even fizzy drinks and chocolate companies embracing the ingredient. The ingredient is also gaining increasing attention for its potential medicinal benefits for a number of conditions. One of the conditions that may benefit from CBD application is Psoriasis, so we’re testing Canzon’s CBD Psoriasis cream.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a very common skin condition in which people experience dry, flakey patches of skin. The cause of the condition is still unknown, however, it is known to be passed down from parents to children. It is also thought that poor diets and overexposure to the hormone cortisol, can make the condition worse.

Common treatments for Psoriasis include steroid creams and ointments, known as topical corticosteroids, as well as exposure to certain types of UV light. However, there is also evidence to support the use of more natural and readily available products.

Canzon’s CBD Psoriasis Cream

European CBD company Canzon has developed a skin treatment containing cannabidiol for Psoriasis. The cream contains 100mg of THC-free CBD oil alongside colloidal oat. CBD has been shown to positively affect Psoriasis affected patches due to its potential as an anti-inflammatory and its ability to inhibit keratinosytes – cells that renew the epithelium, by producing new cells.

Canzon CBD Psoriasis Cream

My brother has Psoriasis and was more than willing to give Canzon’s CBD Psoriasis cream a go. After using the cream for around three weeks, he has given some feedback on how he found the cream affected his Psoriasis…

“The guide on the box instructs you to apply a thin layer of cream to the affected area once or twice per day. I have now been using the product for three weeks and I think that the results have been great. I have definitely noticed a reduction in itchiness and flakiness.

Before, my Psoriasis felt inflamed and itchy and this has definitely been reduced. However, I would point out that this didn’t happen straight away. Although I did notice a reduction in skin flakiness quite soon after I began applying the cream, the inflammation was still bothering me. But, after a couple more weeks, I would say that I have been less bothered by itching and stinging.

I found the packaging pleasant and appropriate for the kind of product and I was also impressed with the information provided, both on the product itself and on the company’s website. At first, I thought that it was a little expensive (55 / 50ml bottle), but I think that it will last for longer than I first thought. I think I will continue to use the product as it has definitely worked for me.”

Canzon CBD

Canzon has developed a wide selection of CBD products including acne cream, oils, balms, and cosmetics!


Product Scores



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Reduced Itchiness and flakiness

Easy to apply

Clear instructions and packaging

Packaging doesn't stand out but is appropriate to the product

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