The first ‘major’ CBD campaign hit UK TVs

24th August 2021

Just weeks after the very first educational cannabis ads were made public in London, now a CBD advertisement was broadcasted on TV as part of a new, “major” campaign in the UK.

According to Adweek, Cannaray, a cannabis wellness brand producing THC-free cannabis oils, creams and edibles, has released a television ad campaign to introduce the UK viewership “a revolution.”

The ad is starring television presenter and celebrity Claudia Winkleman.

Matt Edwards, the partner of BigSmall, the creative agency behind the campaign, told Adweek: “We got to the revolution idea quite early in the process, which allowed us the time to search for the best person to lead the Cannaray CBD Revolution in the UK.”

As the industry is still waiting for a clear regulation in terms of advertising, the agency had to be very careful when scripting and writing the ad for television – if it was found to breach the code, the ad could easily be banned from broadcasting.

Mr Edwards added: “In this case, with Cannaray being one of the very first CBD brands in the U.K. to advertise on TV, we worked closely with Clearcast’s copy development team at the very earliest stage of script development, which made for a really smooth approval process.”

The campaign was released on August 23rd across TV, with media planning and buying handled by independent agency Goodstuff.

As Adweek writes, BigSmall was also involved in developing Cannaray’s visual identity, packaging design and outdoor posters, which aimed to target “CBD considerers” to encourage them to buy and try Cannaray and thus join the CBD revolution.

The campaign follows the very first informational cannabis campaign by Endo Agency that aimed to educate the public on the Endocannabinoid System in London.

The two-week campaign launched in “multiple prime Central London locations,” such as Westminster, Trafalgar Square, and Oxford Street.

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