Could CBD Beer Be the Next Big Thing?

25th May 2019

Despite CBD beer being in its infancy, some companies are hoping to normalise the product in the UK market. A number of UK breweries have launched a CBD-infused beer in the last year.

At the beginning of this year, Carl Boon (owner of CBD company CBDUltra), teamed up with Brand Designer, Thierry Florit to develop their first CBD-infused beer. “High Flyer”, the 10mg CBD beer was the result of a casual brainstorming session, and the pair kept returning to the idea.

CBD beer could be the latest product to normalise the cannabidiol and facilitate positive public opinion towards the natural chemical. “Buffalo Soldier” is another of the new beers, brewed by the Stockton Brewing Company. This product was released in the UK at the end of last year and is available at bars, pubs and shops up and down the country.

And it’s not just beer. CBD soft drinks are also becoming a common feature in the UK market. Wellness stores around the country, one of the biggest being Holland & Barrett, are stocking up on what they think has potential to be the next big thing in health and wellness products.

In the USA, it is against federal law to infuse food or drink items with CBD or THC. However, in some states (California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Nevada), recreational cannabis use is legal. This means that the application of both CBD and THC in beer, is permitted.

It is in these states where the CBD beer, (and other drinks), trend is also kicking off.

In Colorado, Ceria Brewing Co. are doing just that. Their non-alcoholic Belgian-style White Ale is replacing the alcohol with THC. Owner, Keith Villa, says that this makes for a refreshing way to enjoy beer, without the hangover and lasting effects of drinking alcoholic beverages.

Of course, here in the UK, as in much of the United States, THC is strictly prohibited. So, similar products will not be available here. However, it does go to show just how many new products can be created using the ancient plant, Cannabis.

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