CBD Coffee Drinks by Calm Beverages – A Canex Review

12th February 2020

Here at Canex, we’re always ready for the next cup of coffee, and when that coffee is infused with CBD… all the better! We’ve been sampling some more CBD-infused goodies! On the menu this time? A few CBD coffee products courtesy of Calm Beverages…

Calm Beverages is a UK-based company that aims to offer a fresh face to the long-standing marketplace. Having developed a collection of CBD coffee and chocolate drinks, infused with CBD isolate, Calm Beverages uses only quality natural ingredients to create products that are free from chemicals and dairy.

We sampled Calm’s CBD cold brew americano, cold brew oat milk latte, and CBD-infused ground coffee…

Calm’s CBD-infused Ground Coffee

As its still Winter, we began our taste test with a nice hot cup of CBD coffee (with oat milk of course!). Calm’s ground coffee is packaged in eco-friendly brown paper bags, with a seal that is easy to open and easy to reseal. The powdered coffee beans smell like… coffee!

A relief, as we have had some strange smelling products work their way into our office. Better yet, it tasted like coffee too – and nice coffee at that. The tones were soft and mellow with a slight bitterness. Calm Beverages state that their coffee is flavoured with maple, chocolate, and vanilla.

Although subtle, you can pick up on soft notes of vanilla which makes the coffee feel slightly indulgent. However, the subtlety of flavours may not stand out to those who, like me, prefer a stronger, more-rounded, coffee taste.

Calm’s CBD-Infused Coffee is available in 200g bags, and contain 200mg of CBD – CBD Wholebean coffee is available.

Price: £14.95

Calm beverages CBD coffee review
Source: Calm Beverages Ltd

Calm’s CBD Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte

As luck would have it, oat milk is my milk alternative of choice, so I was delighted when I opened up a can of Calm’s CBD cold brew oat milk latte. Calm chooses not to use dairy or gluten in any of their products to ensure that everyone can enjoy them!

Again, none of the grassy taste that is often associated with the Cannabis derivative. Just sweet, slightly creamy coffee! Calm’s cold brew latte takes the base of subtle vanilla and toffee flavoured coffee and adds the natural sweetness and creaminess of gluten-free oat milk.

We reckon that this product could stand up to many other iced coffees on the market – with or without CBD. Even better, Calm’s cold brew coffees are very reasonably priced. The CBD cold brew oat milk latte was easily our favourite of the calm products we tried.

Calm’s CBD oat milk lattes are available in packs of 6, 12, 24, or 48. You can also purchase a mix of lattes and cold brew americanos!

Price: From £14.95 (6 x 250ml)

Calm’s CBD Cold Brew Americano

Last up in our round of CBD coffee drinks is Calm’s cold brew americano. Like the oat milk latte, Calm’s americano comes in a sleek and stylish 250ml can (purple for the americano; cream for the lattes).

As could be expected, Calm’s cold brew americano is very similar to the hot coffee made from their ground coffee beans. Yet, the flavour can stand up for itself even when served cold, with its notes of sweet vanilla still standing at the forefront. However, we felt that a slightly stronger coffee taste would help to set this one aside from others on the market.

Again, reasonably priced at around £2.50 per can, based on £14.95 for a six-pack. However, Calm offers better pricing per item for higher quantity purchases.


Product Scores

Calm's CBD-infused Ground Coffee


Calm's CBD Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte


Calm's CBD Cold Brew Americano



Naturally sweet flavour

Free from chemicals, dairy, and gluten

Great value for money

A good range of products

The base coffee taste could be stronger

The packaging for ground coffee and coffee beans is quite simple

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