CBD Drinks Launch – Green Stem Releases Trio of CBD Tonic Waters

29th January 2020

UK-based CBD company, Green Stem, has launched three flavours of CBD infusion tonic water. The release is the company’s first CBD drinks launch, with the trio of tonics joining their product suite of oils, vape kits, and skincare.

Green Stem’s CBD tonic waters integrate all-natural ingredients alongside 10mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. The CBD used in all of Green Stem’s products is sourced from a trusted hemp farm in Colorado, USA, and tested for purity and quality.

All three of the new tonics are sugar-free, being sweetened with natural sweeteners. Each 250ml can also contains Quassia extract – a West Indian bitter wood, which has been found to have medicinal properties that aid with digestion.

Cinchona bark is used for its naturally high concentration of quinine – the ingredient that gives tonic water its distinctive taste. Green Stem claims to be one of the first producers to use a botanical quinine source for their products.

CBD Drinks Launch - Green Stem Releases Trio of CBD Tonic Waters
Source: Green Stem CBD Company

Green Stem’s CBD Tonic Waters come in three flavours: Citrus, Elderflower, and Rhubarb and Rose. Each of the flavours is enhanced with natural botanical extracts.

The Company states:

“Green Stem CBD products are created in the United Kingdom to guarantee you the highest quality and purity throughout our product range.”

To ensure the absence of pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and chemical fertilisers, Green Stem’s CBD is tested twice. First of all, in-house, using the company’s HPLC mass spectrometry instruments. Next, the CBD product is tested by a certified, third-party analytical laboratory.

In addition, Green Stem’s CBD oils have also won various awards for their quality.

Due to their consistent testing, Green Stem believes it is “one of the best sources for the strongest CBD Oil”. As well as its new CBD-infused drinks, the company produces a number of CBD oil tinctures, hand cream and bath bombs, and vape kits.

There seems to be a new CBD drinks launch every week over the last couple of years. In fact, the CBD edibles space seems to be among the most popular for companies aiming to enter the industry. Green Stem has also entered the sector with the launch of its reasonably priced tonic water mixers (£3 / 250ml).


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