CBD Health and Diet – Can CBD Oil Reduce Food Cravings?

5th May 2020

There are numerous dietary fads which have come and gone over the years. From the Atkins Plan associated with the 1990s to vegan regimens which allow individuals to reduce body weight while still obtaining necessary nutrients daily, a host of options are available. However, many consumers might find it difficult to follow a plant-based diet as they may often suffer from cravings (particularly when just starting out). Therefore, additional supplementation is often a good idea.

CBD oil could very well be an excellent option to consider due to its numerous health benefits as well as the potential to stifle your appetite. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing potential of this substance before moving on to discuss its dietary properties.

The New Super Food?

CBD oil has been around for quite some time. However, it was not until rather recently that studies began to address its health benefits. Of course, this somewhat ties in with the advantages associated with cannabis itself. The main difference is that CBD oil contains relatively low amounts, and sometimes none, of a substance known as THC. This is the chemical that is commonly associated with euphoric feelings if the plant is consumed. Thus, users can experience a host of positive health effects without worrying about ancillary symptoms.

So, what are some of the potential health benefits of CBD?

  • Anti-inflammatory agent
  • A supplement for those who suffer from insomnia
  • Potential to help relieve pain
  • Anti-anxiety and stress relief

It is therefore clear to see why CBD oil could be quite popular for those who have already embraced plant-based dietary regimens.

What About Frustrating Cravings?

So, how does this oil tie into weight loss programmes? To be clear, there has been no definitive evidence (as of yet) that CBD oil is thermogenic. In other words, it does not cause the body to burn fat in a traditional sense. It should still be pointed out that the uptake of CBD oil may affect certain cellular receptors that cause the sensation of hunger.

For example, some studies have shown that uptake of CBD oil in rats decreased their appetite. Some individuals have likewise found that consuming this oil led to fewer cravings throughout the day.

Might CBD oil, therefore, represent an excellent solution if you are trying to lose a few stubborn kilograms? The answer to this question will depend upon your metabolism and body chemistry, as everyone is different. It may be worth considering supplementing your current diet with CBD oil in order to better understand its effects.

Future research may well highlight additional benefits that are not yet completely understood.


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