CBD-infused Beer by Province Brands to Launch on Irish Market

28th November 2019

Canadian Cannabis company Province Brands has announced its official launch into the Irish market, with their new CBD-infused beer. The launch will be facilitated in the country through their new partnership with distributor Barry & Fitzwilliam.

Province Brands of Canada is a leading researcher in cannabinoid science and has used this knowledge to develop a range of CBD drinks products. Their first offering to the Irish market is expected to be a barley-based, non-alcoholic CBD-infused beer.

Having carried out extensive research of the Irish sector, Province Brands selected Barry & Fitzwilliam to be its partner in this venture. Barry & Fitzwilliam is the largest independent premium drinks distributor in Ireland.

Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Province Brands, Dooma Wenschuh said:

“To be preparing to bring our first beers to Ireland and to be entering the European market is a breakthrough step for Province Brands of Canada and our approach to research, development, and innovation.”

Ireland currently ranks 6th in the world for the consumption of beer per capita. Both partners believe that this will make it the ideal launch location for Province Brands’ non-alcoholic CBD-infused beer.

Province Brands of Canada has developed a suite of innovative technologies and aims to revolutionise the adult beverages industries. For example, they have created a revolutionary fermentation technique in which cannabis is brewed in place of barley or grains.

Compounds found within the Cannabis plant have been found to be very similar and in some cases identical, to those found in barley and grains. These compounds are known as terpenes. As a result, Cannabis can be effectively added, or even replace other ingredients in the beer brewing process.

Michael Barry, Managing Director of Barry & Fitzwilliam, also said:

“Barry & Fitzwilliam is delighted with our new association with Province Brands of Canada. Province Brands is at the leading edge of CBD-infused, and other cannabis powered beverages, internationally. We are excited to be at the forefront with them in Ireland.”

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