CBD-Infused Medical Dressings Are Under Development

30th July 2019

A group of companies and research centres are joining resources to create the first CBD-infused medical dressings. It is proposed that the dressings will be used for chronic pain wounds and burns.

Vertically integrated business, Integumen PLC‘s wound care division is working with Cellulac, the University of Limerick and the Irish government-supported Research Centre for Resource Efficiency, to develop the new medical dressings.

The basis of the product development is evidence that CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. For instance, some researchers believe that CBD is able to essentially switch off electrical pulses associated with pain. This is thought to be done by altering the amount of calcium that gets inside the body’s nerves.

Furthermore, CBD is increasingly being used to infuse skincare products. However, it’s restorative properties are yet to be proven.

The product is being developed by Integumen’s Wound pHase operation, in collaboration with Labskin, who simulate human skin for pharmaceutical and cosmetic testing. The development team also includes Cellulac, the University of Limerick and the Irish government-supported Research Centre for Resource Efficiency.

Integumen’s Chief Executive, Gerard Brandon, said:

“With a growing demand for CBD infused products for their anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, we believe that our expertise in skin wound repair and burns treatment at Wound pHase, in addition to the testing capabilities of Labskin and commercial knowledge of Integumen’s management team, our unique CBD infused pain-relieving wound dressing for chronic wounds will be well received in this growing multi-billion dollar global market”

There is growing research around the potential benefits of CBD, and it has been linked as a treatment for a variety of complaints and serious illnesses. For instance, Epidiolex has become the first licensed Cannabis based product in the UK. Epidiolex is most known to be an effective treatment for some forms of Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

Some studies have shown that CBD can have significant pain-relieving effects, when applied both sub-lingually, and topically.

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