CBD Novel Food Applications Deadline Set by ACI

18th December 2019

The Association for the Cannabis Industry (ACI) has announced that December 20th will be the deadline for CBD novel food applications. The regulatory body was set up by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis in November, to create a compliant CBD industry. 

In January 2019, the European Union Food Safety Agency announced that Hemp derivatives containing cannabinoids (including CBD) were to be considered ‘novel foods’ This label is applied to any food product which was not consumed significantly before the 15th May 1997. It may also apply to a method that has not previously been used for food products.

In addition to novel food applications, the ACI has produced further guidelines to provide consistent testing standards within the UK. The ACI and CMC are undertaking a review of the analytical testing of CBD companies in order to establish consistency.

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) set up the ACI following the publication of their telling report, ‘CBD in the UK‘. They found that only 38% of the CBD products they tested were compliant with UK, and EU, law. A further 38% of products contained 50% less CBD than advertised.

Following the publication of ‘CBD in the UK’, CMC and ACI Strategic Counsel, Steve Moore, stated:

“The wave of popularity around CBD … needs to be grounded on a strong foundation of research, proportionate regulation, and quality standards. We intend The CMC to play a role in building that strong foundation.”

Members of the ACI will receive support throughout their CBD novel food applications. The December 20th deadline will ensure that all testing can commence in the new year. Actual applications will be submitted to the European Food Safety Agency within 3-6 months.

A number of official medical bodies have also called for better regulation of the UK CBD industry. Last week, the National Pharmacy Association called for improved testing standards and guidance on the sale of CBD products.

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