CBD Patches and CBD Gummies by Budslife – A Canex Review

27th April 2020

As CBD becomes more accessible ad increasingly commercialised, many company’s are exploring more discrete application options for their products. Although CBD oil tinctures and vapes remain popular, they can sometimes seem impractical when you are out and about – be that on a commute to work, out with friends, or headed to the gym.

CBD brand, Budslife, decided to address this potential issue by pursuing the development of some alternative products. Budslife’s CBD patches represent the core of the brand as a more discrete option for CBD dosing. However, the brand also retails CBD gummies and vape pens.

Budslife CBD Patches

Transdermal patches allow active ingredients to be absorbed discretely into the body, through the skin. Using the same concept as the nicotine patch, which has been used consistently since 1979, the CBD patch is designed to deliver a steady dose of cannabidiol over a prolonged period.

We tried out the brand’s 16mg CBD patches over a week to see how they worked. The patches were discrete and simple to apply and did not irritate the skin. We found that the patches stayed in place throughout the recommended 8 hours. However, the patches began to struggle when they were exposed to a workout at the gym.

budslife CBD patches
Budslife CBD patches

Priced at £9.99 for eight patches (second pack half price), we found that they were a convenient and accessible way to introduce or top up a CBD regime. The packaging is simple and elegant, however, instructions and guidance on how to use the product were lacking. Having said this, Budslife’s website offers a lot of useful information.

Budslife CBD Gummies

One of the most discrete – and tasty – ways of getting a dose of cannabidiol is with CBD gummies. Many brands have begun to infuse sweet treats with CBD, and some have been more successful than others.

We were impressed with Budslife’s version of CBD gummies. They were tasty with a satisfyingly fruity taste and good texture – and, thankfully, had no grassy aftertaste as some CBD products do. The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and each gummy contains a 20mg dose of CBD

Budslife CBD Gummies
Budslife CBD Gummies

However, we found that the packaging needed some more attention as the product arrived in a simple, unbranded pouch. Although we were very pleased with this product and we would be happy to try them again, we did find that they were priced quite highly. A pack of ten gummies is priced at £9.99.


Product Scores

Budslife CBD Patches


Budslife CBD Gummies



Simple and elegant packaging for the patches.

Convenient and discrete

Gummies were tasty and satisfying

Unbranded Gummies packaging

Instructions and guidance lacking

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