CBD Puroil Rescue Relief: A Canex Review

27th May 2021

With oils being the most popular CBD item in a heavily saturated market, we only want to bring you the best there is. Today it’s CBD Puroils Rescue Relief with Turmeric and Black pepper.

Here’s what CBD Puroil says about their brand…

‘At CBD Puroil we work with passion to ensure our CBD oil products and supplements are the best quality available in the UK. From the farming process all the way to formulation and the final product, our CBD oils are produced responsibly with a commitment to the highest quality standards. Every product is third-party lab tested for purity and 0% THC content, non-psychoactive and organically grown.

We use authentic and recommended extraction methods, combined with the world’s most trusted premium hemp extract, offering the greatest purity combined with potency.

Our products only contain broad-spectrum CBD, which means it contains a lot of the terpenes from the cannabis plant, but none of the THC, giving you the benefits of CBD (including the entourage effect) without the illegal psychoactive properties.’

Turmeric has many added health benefits giving this CBD oil an extra edge.

These benefits are…

– Anti Inflammatory
– Supports joint and muscle health
– Detoxing
– Natural Mood Enhancer
– Supports Heart Health
– Boosts Cognitive Function


Now add all of that to the plethora of benefits we know we can get from CBD and you really are onto a winner.

The branding and packaging are of very high quality and the glass dropper makes it incredibly simple to take. Personally, I’ve been taking it on gym days to bring my body back into balance, aid my muscle relief and reap all the benefits this concoction has to offer. I then pair it with the night oil in the evenings to aid my sleep.

Oils with MCT oil are notoriously easier to take and they do in fact allow a larger concentration of the CBD to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream meaning they work extremely quickly. The turmeric and black pepper addition make this oil delicious with sweet notes, fresh, and not at all bitter in flavour.

Rescue Relief retails at £74.95 for 1000mg CBD. You can get yours here.

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