CBD Suncream – Can CBD Improve Sun Protection?

5th September 2019

Cannabidiol seems to be making its rounds of every industry in the world, and you can now get CBD suncream. The cannabinoid, that is found at different levels in all Cannabis plants, has been found to have a large variety of potential health and therapeutic properties.

What is CBD Suncream?

It is pretty self-explanatory – CBD suncream is just like your ordinary suncream, but with the added benefit of CBD! The ingredient has been seen to interact with endocannabinoid receptors found in the skin. These interactions are thought to benefit the skin in a number of ways – some of which can complement the effects of your suncream.

How Does CBD Benefit Your Skin?

Like most things concerning CBD (and Cannabis as a whole), research is still vague. Yet, the ingredient is increasingly finding its way into skincare and beauty products. However, there have been a number of studies observing the topical benefits of the cannabinoid.


CBD is most often reputed to be an effective anti-inflammatory, which is great for soothing sunburn. As sunburn is the skin’s inflammatory response to damage caused by ultraviolet rays, CBD can potentially reduce these negative effects.


In addition, CBD has been seen to be an antioxidant, blocking potentially harmful free radicals from affecting the skin. A free radical is a chemically unstable molecule that can negatively affect your skin. Besides UV rays, other common examples are tobacco smoke, alcohol, chemical fumes, and air pollution.

The antioxidant property of the Cannabis-derivative can help to battle the skin-aging effects of sun exposure.

Cell Renewal

It is believed that CBD can also regulate the renewal of skin cells. This is a great property to take advantage of, after sun exposure. As UV rays cause damage to skin cells, the triggered renewal of these can help to rebuild the number of healthy skin cells.

To sum up, CBD can be useful for before, during, and after a long day in the sun! It might be worth considering a CBD blend the next time you’re in the market for some sun protection.


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