CBD Tea – How can it help?

25th May 2019

Humans contain their very own Endocannabinoid System that is designed to keep itself in homeostasis – in other words, ‘in check’. However, your body can’t always provide what it’s lacking, and this is where CBD comes in.

As we learn more about CBD, more products are becoming readily available worldwide such as CBD Tea. If you’re asking yourself: “how can cannabis oil & tea can work together?” – we have broken down everything you need to know right here…

What is CBD Tea?

There are many kinds of CBD Tea currently on the market. If green tea is your thing, you would be sure to find it. And if Turmeric and Ginger is your tipple – you can find that too. However, the wider varieties of the drink, is where the real differences are.


Many CBD-infused teas are CBD oil-infused, which may deplete the effects of the contained substance. This is because oil is not soluble (it doesn’t mix with water). When ingested in this way, much of the CBD oil in the tea may not be absorbed into the body.

These products have still been reported to have positive effects and a calming sensation, however, and may be best suited to consumers with a relatively low ‘optimal dosage’.


Buddha Teas are now distributing water-soluble CBD teas. To achieve this, the CBD oil is converted into a powder that they provide in bags. Buddha Teas sell their CBD range alongside their popular Organic Teas range.

CBD in this form may be absorbed into the body more effectively, as it doesn’t have as many biological barriers to cross.

CBD Oil in Tea

Some users may choose to simply add tincture CBD oil directly to their favourite teas. This may be a convenient method, but it may present the same issues as oil-based CBD Teas.

How do you drink CBD Tea?

Its advised that CBD tea is consumed during or after food. This is due to CBD absorbing more affectively with dietary fats. In order to feel the full effect of your tea, enjoy with a snack.

What can it help with?

The possible benefits of introducing CBD to your body are well documented. Users have reported positive effects on Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia. Research is continually underway to clarify the possible benefits on serious illnesses and diseases.

Whilst the benefits of CBD are impressive, when used in conjunction with different tea, the benefits can increase. As Green tea is known to contain antioxidants and ginger tea contains amino acids that can calm your stomach, CBD Tea has unlimited potential to benefit your health.

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