Charlotte’s Web CBD Brand Unveil Striking Hemp Mural in Wheat Crop

24th July 2020
By Emily Ledger

CBD brand ‘Charlotte’s Web’ has launched its latest campaign visuals with an unusual and striking crop circle in a Kansas wheat field. The mural, which was revealed this week, covers a massive 76 acres of field and re-iterates the brand’s mantra to ‘Trust the Earth”.

The wheat artwork is not the first of the brand’s striking, artistic launches. In 2019, the brand revealed a huge mural, again inspired by the hemp plant, painted on the side of a Brooklyn, NY building. The painted mural measured an impressive 51 feet high by 21 feet wide and marked an ongoing collaboration with Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One.

According to a post by Studio Number One:

“The purpose of this unconventional art installation is to raise awareness of the need for improved and equal access to hemp-derived CBD products for consumers in every U.S. state.”

Charlotte’s Web’s most recent unusual artwork continued the collaboration with Studio Number One with an arguably even more striking tribute to the hemp plant. The image, reflected in a wheatfield in McPherson, Kansas, features the same artwork of a hand holding up a hemp leaf. The ‘farm-art’ features the slogans “Trust the Earth” and “Hemp. For Natural Health”.

charlottes web cbd hemp
Charlotte’s Web Artwork in Kansas Wheat Field; Source: Charlotte’s Web Instagram

‘Trust the Earth’ is Charlotte’s Web’s campaign to increase access to hemp in the USA and around the world. The brand advocates for the power of the hemp plant, both as a source of natural medicines and environmentally friendly materials.

In an Instagram post, Charlotte’s Web stated:

“The benefits of hemp are too many to ignore, and so is our 3,049,200 square-foot mural to honor everyone who has fought for – and benefited from – access to hemp.”

The brand was founded by the Stanley Brothers who aimed to increase access to hemp in order to fully utilise the potential of the plant. ‘Charlotte’s Web’ was initially a well-known high-CBD cannabis strain. The strain was named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl who suffered from debilitating seizures for much of her life. Charlotte experienced a significant reduction in symptoms after using the high-CBD cannabis strain. However, Charlotte sadly passed away in April this year, aged 13.


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