Colorado Cannabis Grower Teams up with Beer Company to Recycle CO2

6th February 2020

A new pilot scheme launched by a Cannabis and a beer company in Colorado could help to cut carbon dioxide emissions in Colorado. Earthly Labs, Denver Beer Co., and The Clinic have teamed up to recycle CO2, produced through the production of beer, for the processing of Cannabis in Colorado.

Carbon Dioxide is produced in beer production during the fermentation process. Usually, this CO2 is released into the atmosphere, contributing to carbon emissions. However, public benefit corporation Earthly Labs has developed technology that allows excess carbon dioxide to be captured and stored.

This stored CO2 is then transported a short distance to The Clinic’s growing facilities.

Once the captured CO2 arrives at The Clinic, it can be recycled to stimulate strength and growth in Cannabis plants. Usually, CO2 is transported, on trucks, from elsewhere in the country, again adding to carbon emissions. The Cannabis industry uses carbon dioxide to accelerate growth and produce mature crops in a shorter timeframe.

“This is a classic win-win-win scenario,” said Kaitlin Urso, environmental protection specialist for the small business assistance program at the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division.

Urso continued:

“We’re connecting companies that have excess carbon dioxide with companies that need it, and in the process we’re reusing CO2 that would otherwise be released directly into the environment.”

Once Earthly Labs’ technology is in place, beer manufacturers will also be able to reuse their own carbon dioxide. Up until now, many companies – particularly small-scale craft brewers – import CO2 for the carbonation process. This is when gas is put back into the beer. The technology will allow producers to cut costs and improve their green credentials.

Charlie Berger, co-founder of Denver Beer Co., said:

“Denver Beer Co. is proud to work with The Clinic and Earthly Labs in pioneering this new exchange market. This innovative technology will greatly reduce our carbon emissions and carbon footprint”.

It is expected that Denver Beer Co. will capture over 100,000 lbs of CO2 per year with Earthly Labs’ technology. Earthly Labs’ machine can capture more CO2 than 150,000 trees per year.

Earthly Labs CEO, Amy George, stated:

“The State of Colorado is leading the charge in the country to promote small scale carbon capture investment to meet their 2030 goals.”

By working with beer and Cannabis companies in Colorado and beyond, Earthly Labs hopes to recycle up to 1 billion metric tonnes of CO2.


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