Company Pulls ‘Snortable Cannabis’ Following Industry-Wide Backlash

25th May 2021

A company that was selling “snortable” powdered cannabis has been forced to withdraw their products after it created a massive backlash on social media.

According to Leafly, THC Living, a licensed California edibles manufacturer, wanted to sell “Canna Bumps” in packages designed to look like cocaine.

The paper reports that as each package contained 600mg of THC, Canna Bumps could be deemed as a concentrate under Californian law which allows up to 1000mg THC per package in this sector.

However, THC Living had also advertised the product as an ‘edible’.

They said: “Have a great time with your cannabis with our novel cannabis concentrate. Canna Bumps are exactly what they sound like – cannabis concentrate intended to be devoured through the nose ingested straightforwardly or added to your number one food.”

Following the release of the product, the company received such a backlash that they later decided to pull Canna Bumps for good.

However, the company has claimed that they had their own concerns and their decision to pull the product was not solely due to the reaction on social media platforms – especially, Twitter and Reddit.

In a statement reacting to the news, the company’s attorneys said: “A few months ago, our client was approached by a third party that sought to utilize our client’s proprietary formulations in the creation of the Canna Bumps product.

“As soon as our client learned more about the product, it took the temperature of its customers and those in the industry to gauge how they felt about Canna Bumps.

“Because of its own concerns, those expressed by consumers, and the misgivings of those in the industry, our client made the decision to terminate any license granted to any third party that would use its proprietary information to produce or market a product like Canna Bumps.”

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