Could CBD Help to Keep Fruits Fresh?

18th December 2020

A new study has reportedly found that CBD oil could help to extend the shelf life of strawberries. Researchers have also claimed that the shelf life of other fruits could also be improved with the use of cannabis extracts.

Marijuana Moment reported that researchers at the University of Florida had concluded that “non-intoxicating” cannabis might be able to help various fruits being kept fresh for a longer period.

During the study, the researchers were dumping strawberries into CBD oil to compare them to those fruits that were not treated.

As you will have known, CBD is a naturally occurring chemical known for its supposed health and wellness benefits.

It’s getting more popular among patients who are looking for alternative treatment for conditions, such as chronic pain and depression. CBD, compared to THC, is not psychoactive, therefore it doesn’t create a high feeling.

CBD is a wellness product. It often is coming under the umbrella of a food supplement that contains Cannabidiol (CBD).

While we’re getting to know a whole lot of the CBD’s potential benefits, studies on its antimicrobial properties are still preliminary.

What happened next?

According to the study, “CBD oil was applied to fresh fruit after harvest followed by storage at 1 °C for 8 days and 10 °C for up to 8 days.” It is reported that the fruits had been evaluated during storage.

The researchers, Haley Inselberg and Maria Ceciliado Nascimento Nunes have concluded that “CBD oil has the potential to be used by consumers at home as an effective antimicrobial treatment and to extend strawberry shelf life.”

Moreover, according to the summary, “CBD oil inhibited yeast and mould growth on strawberries. Strawberries treated with CBD oil had better overall quality compared to non-treated fruit.”

Also, as Marijuana Moment added, the authors said while the study had been focusing on strawberries “CBD oil has promising potential as an antimicrobial treatment to fresh produce in general.”

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