Curaleaf International launches second medical cannabis flower product for UK market

27th July 2021

Europe’s largest “vertically integrated” medical cannabis company is set to launch its second medical cannabis flower product for the UK medical market, it was announced today.

According to Curaleaf International, formerly known as EMMAC Life Sciences Group, the new products are being manufactured in the UK and will be an extension of the company’s existing range of medical cannabis flower and oil products.

Curaleaf International’s vertically integrated business model, comprising cultivation, extraction, production and distribution, has been designed to ensure that high-quality medical cannabis flower is consistently accessible and affordable for patients here in the UK.

Antonio Costanzo, CEO of Curaleaf International, said: “We are very pleased to extend our range of medical cannabis products for the UK market.

“As a market leader, Curaleaf International is focused on solving the key patient and physician challenges relating to the price, accessibility, and sustainability of medical cannabis products.

“Our vertically integrated supply chain and GMP manufacturing facilities here in the UK allow us to scale rapidly to meet growing patient demand.”

The medical cannabis products are manufactured at Rokshaw, EMMAC’s leading UK Specials Manufacturer.

To date, Rokshaw has manufactured more than 9,000 medical formulations for more than 2,600 NHS and private pharmacies and hospitals across the United Kingdom.

EMMAC Life Sciences Group acquired Rokshaw in April 2019 and is the Group’s second EU-GMP-certified laboratory.

Curaleaf Holdings, the “world’s largest cannabis retailer”, has agreed to buy EMMAC Life Sciences Group, Europe’s largest independent cannabis company in March and thus enter the European Cannabis Market in anticipation of a more liberal approach to the drug on the continent.

Canex reported that Curaleaf, the leading US provider of consumer products in cannabis, recently acquired EMMAC for a base consideration of approximately $285m.

However, the deal includes a further $57m depending on performance, meaning that the total sum could reach up to $342m.

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