David Beckham-backed CBD brand launches first line of products

6th December 2021

A CBD brand that has been backed by David Beckham among a number of other investors, has announced the release of its first product line, including skincare and ingestables containing CBD and CBG.

Cellular Goods, a cannabis-based skincare company, became the third company of its kind to list on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The company reportedly managed to raise £13 million in their original public offering – including an investment by former England footballer David Beckham’s DB Ventures.

Following its initial public offering (IPO), the share price of Cellular Goods more than tripled. However, as the Evening Standard reports, the company has yet to make any profit and reported £3.3 million of losses in the last fiscal year.

These losses are reportedly attributable to the costs associated with the IPO, and investment in the business – including the development of their first product line.

The line features a number of skincare products, including a CBG-infused serum, face oil, and aftershave moisturiser. Cannabis Health News reports that the range is the UK’s first CBG range, with the face oil product containing a blend of CBG extract, hemp oil, and grapeseed oil.

Cellular Goods David Beckham CBD CBG
Source: Cellular Goods

Cellular Goods’ shaving gel also features CBG as its star ingredient, alongside the skincare favourite, hyaluronic acid which reportedly helps to plump skin and lock in moisture.

CBG, or cannabigerol, is often referred to as the ‘mother of cannabinoids’ thanks to its rounded properties and the fact that it precedes both the popular wellness ingredient, CBD, and the well-known, psychoactive THC cannabinoids. That is to say, each CBD or THC compound was once a CBG compound.

CBG is believed to have a wealth of wellness and therapeutic potentials, including being an anti-inflammatory, which may make it useful in the management of acne and blemishes. It may also be an anti-bacterial, meaning it could prevent infection. Cannabis extracts, including CBD and CBG, are a useful source of essential fatty acids which could also have anti-ageing properties.

Unlike their range of skincare products, the ingestible offerings in Cellular Goods’ first line contain just CBD. The range includes a tincture, oral spray and capsules.

Cellular Goods was established in 2018 with an aim to develop research-backed and efficacy led products. The company uses a combination of lab-created CBD and CBG, which it claims is a greener alternative to crop grown cannabinoids.

“We’re still using a living organism to produce the cannabinoids, we’ve just adapted nature to our own needs,” CEO Trevor Peters told The GrowthOp earlier this year.

“These truly are health and wellness products that reduce inflammation, fight off bad microbes, even do things like pick up free radicals in our body and I think CBG can go a long way in that regard,” Peters said.

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