Dead Man’s Fingers Releases Hemp Rum

30th July 2019

The collection of CBD and Hemp infused drinks is slowly growing, and the newest release might me be the most interesting one yet. UK rum brand, Dead Man’s Fingers, have released a new Hemp flavour spirit.

The brand, who is owned by Cornish company Halewood Wines & Spirits, has released the first Hemp flavoured rum. The interesting combination is described as having “distinct grassy herbal back-notes supported by a hint of cola, roasted waves of freshly percolated coffee, hops and a dash of pine”.

Although Hemp is known to naturally contain CBD, there is no indication of a CBD content on the bottle, or online descriptions. The Hemp infusion comes from Hemp seed oil, so we expect that the CBD content is actually pretty low. However, the brand seems to be pushing for flavour over wellness.

To infuse the spirit, Dead Man’s Fingers extracts oil from Hemp seeds. This is then blended with their signature golden rum.

Lucy Cottrell, Brand Manager for Dead Man’s Fingers, said:

“As a brand, Dead Man’s Fingers has always been about challenging category norms and innovating. Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum is an exceptional spirit that pushes the boundaries where others haven’t dared. It aims to fulfil rum drinkers’ very clear expectations for something more exciting and experimental.”

Almost a quarter of rum drinkers have expressed frustration over the lack of options on the rum register. This 40% ABV rum is set to infuse a little more fun into a market that has begun to lose it’s spice.

According to Cottrell: “Flavoured and spiced is the fastest growing rum sub-category, driven by penetration of younger consumers… With this launch Dead Man’s Fingers will bring fun back to a category which has become stale in recent years.”

The rum is extremely affordable, priced from just £21.95. You can pick it up online at Amazon and Master of Malt.

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