Drug Policy Reform Advocate Outlines Path to Further Cannabis Reform

9th November 2020

Volteface has today unveiled plans to change how they will approach advocacy for drug policy reform in the UK. The London group has announced that it will shift emphasis from long-form policy reports into “reactive, digestible, and accessible content.”

The decision is based on a view from the group that impactful advocacy work has changed, and with that Volteface hopes to pioneer a fresh approach.

Volteface pledges to provide innovative, engaging, and new content throughout the year to keep their audience updated on global drug reform.

Paul North, the Director at the organisation, said:

“At Volteface we recognise that the relationship between government, wider society and the media is complex, and to create reform you must innovate.

He continues: “The days of solely meeting politicians and writing reports to make a splash are gone. In its place is an approach that spans government, media platforms, industry, and global networks.

“In many ways, our adaptation has been fluid, but in essence today is the first time we publicly recognise this transformation and spell out what that means for our platform.”

In 2021, the group is expected to create more content, including documentaries, interviews, and news stories on cannabis.

One of the key changes to the organisation is the launch of ECAN, the European Cannabis Advocacy Network, which has officially launched today (9th November 2020).

ECAN-logo volteface
Source: Volteface

According to Volteface, the aim of ECAN is to “build coalitions and channels of communication to further cannabis reform across the continent.”

The network includes key advocacy organisations in the Netherlands, Germany, Malta, and Spain with more details to be revealed in the next few days.

Mr North said: “We have big plans for this network and the response has been fantastic. Our mission is to share best practice, developments, and ideas across Europe through open, positive, and collaborative communication.”

The group will also widen their emphasis. From now on they will be interested and engaged with cannabis as a plant regardless of the way in which it is used. This will mean focussing on all forms of the plant – not just recreational cannabis, but CBD, hemp, and medical cannabis, too.

In line with this change in its policy, Volteface will soon be launching Pleasant Lands, a timely report that endeavours to reform hemp policy, allowing for the flower of hemp to be extracted for CBD in the UK.

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