Edibles // Canex Awards 2020

31st December 2020

So much choice, so little time when it comes to trying CBD Edibles. 2020 has really seen some vast improvements in adding CBD into products without it actually tasting like CBD.

I actually don’t think we have tasted an edible product we haven’t enjoyed this year TBH. Which to us, means brands have really upped their game for 2020.

We cannot wait to see what 2021 brings us! Flavour bombs all round please.

Let’s move onto the winners…

Bronze // NatureCan CBD infused Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

You either love peanut butter or you hate it and I am a lover and the added milk chocolate too is just *chefs kiss* kinda good.

Natural is the way and NatureCan does not disappoint with this one. It is so versatile. So far, I’ve lathered my toast in it, popped it into my post-gym smoothie, drizzled it on my breakfast, and even dug in and ate it straight from the jar.

Silver // ZenBears CBD Gummies

Believe us when we tell you that there are A LOT of CBD Gummies now on the market and we have tried a fair amount this year for sure.

What we really loved about ZenBears was not only are they cute little gummies coated in CBD making absorption much more substantial they also give a small amount from each sale to Oxford Mindfulness Centre Charity and for that alone we couldn’t have them in our top three.

P.S The taste amazing too.

Gold // Orange County CBD Gummy Worms

Orange County CBD took my all-time favourite sweets, made them vegan, and added CBD.

They are super fruity and tasty which for me, makes it so so easy to get my daily intake of CBD. I just have to stop myself from eating the whole packet.

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