EMMAC Life Sciences Group Launches First Medical Cannabis Flower for UK Market

30th March 2021

EMMAC, Europe’s largest independent medical cannabis company, has announced the launch of its first range of unlicensed medical cannabis flower products for the UK market. 

Only weeks after Curaleaf Holdings had agreed to buy EMMAC, EMMAC has teamed up with Sapphire Medical Clinics to offer the high THC flower product on prescription for a limited number of UK patients. Data from prescriptions will be used to gather patient and clinical feedback.

Sapphire’s data-driven approach “will inform” EMMAC’s product development to bring further medical cannabis flower products to market in 2021 to address identified patient requirements.

By definition, the cannabis flower is the smokable section of the cannabis plant. To keep the product fresh and ready for consumption it should be kept in places where it is possible to minimise its exposure to oxygen, heat, moisture or UV light.

According to EMMAC, the new product range is being manufactured in the UK and will be an extension of their existing range of medical cannabis oil products.

EMMAC’s vertically integrated business model that comprises cultivation, extraction, production and distribution means that medical cannabis flower is now more affordable for patients in the UK.

The unlicensed medical cannabis products are GMP manufactured at Rokshaw, EMMAC’s leading UK MHRA-approved specials manufacturer.

Antonio Costanzo, CEO of EMMAC, said: “EMMAC is very pleased to extend its range of unlicensed medical cannabis products for the UK market, with the introduction of high-quality flower products.

“As a market leader, we are focused on solving the key patient and physician challenges relating to the price, access and sustainability of medical cannabis products. 

“Driving innovation and efficiencies through our vertically integrated business model means that we have complete control of our supply chain, allowing us to maintain strict quality control whilst creating costs efficiencies that we are able to pass on to patients, while at the same time building a robust and sustainable business.”

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