Enjoy London Cannabis Film Festival from the Comfort of Your Home

19th November 2020

For the past two years, cannabis activists, filmmakers, and industry leaders have been meeting in London for a weekend of cannabis-themed film-watching at the London Cannabis Film Festival. While things are a bit different for the event this year – as in all things – LCFF is still kicking, letting you enjoy this year’s cannabis film picks from the comfort of your own home!

The London Cannabis Film Festival was started in 2018 by three friends “with a shared passion for cannabis activism.” Their aim? To change the perceptions about the ancient plant – cannabis. The founders of the festival believe that films and filmmakers have a vital role to play in achieving this, and so, the UK’s first cannabis film festival was born.

The LCFF notes that, while cannabis is seeing a rapid rise in the public consciousness, there remains a long way to go:

“Cannabis and the issues that arise from its prohibition are still taboo subjects for many, we at thelcff are determined to help tackle that stigma and encourage understanding and compassion.”

In previous years, the festival has welcomed an array of filmmakers, activists, and interested guests to the screening of a selection of cannabis movies. However, there has been more than films on offer, with the addition of speakers, a gallery, and vendors offering CBD products.

Unfortunately, this year’s festival has had to be adapted in the face of ongoing Coronavirus restrictions, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be plenty on offer for virtual attendants!

Now temporarily branding themselves as the ‘Lockdown Cannabis Film Festival’, the LCFF is still showcasing their top picks from this year’s cannabis film releases and streaming them directly to you at home. Each film will also be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers themselves and experts from within the cannabis and CBD industries.

The Schedule

The two-day event begins on Saturday 21st November with the first film streaming at 4 pm (BST). All films and panel discussions will be streamed for free via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch!

Day 1 (21st November)

The first film ‘series’ is aptly named ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ and features two films: ‘Chasing Hope‘ and feature film ‘Waldo on Weed‘.

Starting from 7 pm, tune in for a collection of films focusing on the power of cannabis activists with ‘Dennis: The Man Who Legalised Cannabis‘; ‘A Day With Lee Harris‘; and ‘Rick & Me‘ (Feature Film).

The first day will conclude with a collection of the best short films submitted to this year’s LCFF, including ‘Happenstance‘; ‘Seeing Green‘; ‘The Weed Art Process‘; and more!

Day 2 (22nd November)

Day 2 kicks off at 4 pm with ‘Women In Weed’ – a collection of films dedicated to the women who are pioneering the cannabis industry: ‘Mrs Saltzman Goes To Jail‘; ‘Godmother of Ganja‘; ‘The Trippet Standard‘; ‘Cheer Up Charlie: Episode 2‘.

From 7 pm, the focus is moved to the magic that is the hemp plant. Following the screening of ‘Terre Di Cannabis‘ and ‘Hemp Is Back in Oregon‘, the panel will feature prominent figures from the industry including speakers from CBD Ethics and the European Industrial Hemp Association.

The final instalment of the festival will focus on lessons of legalisation that can be learned from abroad. ‘Legalise Me?!‘ will feature the films: ‘The Secret Gardeners‘; ‘The Fight For Medical Marijuana: New York Times Op-Ed‘; ‘Growing Gold‘ (Feature Film).

How to Attend

If you want to attend this year’s London/Lockdown Cannabis Film Festival (and why wouldn’t you?!), securing your free spot couldn’t be easier!

Simply head to their website, scroll down the homepage and enter your details to sign up for the mailing list and the event!

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