Essench Intense Hair Serum: A Canex Review

14th December 2020

CBD haircare is surprisingly still pretty hard to come by in the CBD beauty industry so we were delighted to try something different in the form of Essench’s Intense Hair Serum.

Essench Beauty is a family run business started by partners Christina & Jenny. Their first product was the Revival Moisturising Cream and with its success, came the need to develop a bigger and broader range.

Here’s what they say about their CBD based brand…

‘A brutal flare-up of endometriosis in 2018 led to me researching further into cannabis, I soon discovered the use of oils and noted that as effective as smoking it had been for me, I was not utilising the full range of benefits from the plant by consuming it in that fashion.’

‘My business partner (and fiance) Jenny and I began to mix our own recipes. Hemp seed oil, some coconut oil, and a little CBD. I noticed results and we started to experiment in other beneficial uses of CBD.’

‘Jenny and I developed a range of original and distinct formulas for CBD-Infused skincare products, our first REVIVAL Moisturising Cream.’

‘The popularity of this cream amongst family and friends provided the challenging (but most welcome) push into extending our line of CBD skincare. We now offer hair care products, exfoliating scrubs, lip balms, and bath bombs. Somewhere along the line we formally founded our business, Essench CBD Cosmetics.’

Intense Hair Serum 250mg CBD

Jam-packed full of amino acids and all the good stuff our hair needs, I was really excited to try this hair serum. Being a qualified hairstylist and with years of not being very kind to my own hair, it was really refreshing to see (and use) a product using all the goodness nature has to offer.

A punchy fresh rosemary scent was the first thing I noticed about this serum, wow. I massaged this into my scalp then combed through to the ends of my hair, popped it up into a bun, and left it overnight. This is a ritual I now practice once a week. If it hadn’t have been for all the added benefits, I think i’d do it for the delicious smell alone.

I know a lot of people avoid using oils for fear it will leave their hair greasy and unmanageable but with this, wash it out well (double cleanse) and believe me, there’s no oily residue to be seen.


Let’s move onto the ingredients…

– Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) seed oil

Great for scalp conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

– Ricinus Communis (castor) seed oil

When Castor oil is applied to the scalp, it supports the health of the hair follicles and, in turn, promotes hair growth AND protects against hair loss.

– Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed oil

Hemp seed oil (one of the ingredients we’re particularly interested in here at Canex) helps to prevent the penetration of certain substances into hair follicles and can also prevent hair breakage by enhancing lubrication of the hair shaft.

– Olea Europaea Fruit (olive) oil

Olive oil is the dream oil for dry and or damaged, chemically treated, and coarse hair.

– Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf oil

Rosemary oil is known to have great anti-inflammatory properties so is ideal for itchy/flakey scalps.

– Equisetum Arvense (horsetail) oil

Horsetail oil promotes new hair growth, fights dandruff, and prevents split ends.

– Urtica dioica (nettle) oil

Not only does stinging nettle help in combating hair loss, but it also helps in hair re-growth. Nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulfur. This helps in making hair shinier and healthier.

– Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol (the other ingredient we take an interest in) is high in vitamin E and fatty acids which nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair.

– Tocopherol

Tocopherol, a type of vitamin E, has been know to turn frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hair into beautiful shiny locks.

Vegan Friendly

Cruelty Free

Palm Oil Free

Plant Based

Made In The UK

Now you know all of the vast benefits this hair serum has to offer (and at only £20 for a 30ml bottle), will you be trying it?

Go on, you know you want to.

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