Firebox Launches the UK’s First CBD Christmas Pudding

21st November 2019

Christmas just got a whole lot calmer (and greener), as Firebox introduces the very first CBD Christmas pudding. The quirky gifts retailer has marketed the fun pud as “the most festive way to get a hit of the glorious green.”

Just over a month before the day is upon us, Firebox launched the unusual Christmas-sy dessert, which it claims is the perfect way to “remove pudding stress”. Despite Firebox’s comical tone linking the pudding to marijuana, CBD is completely legal in the UK and won’t get you high.

Perhaps that’s why it could potentially be a great dessert for the whole family.

The handmade pudding replaces the traditional cooking sherry with a 10mg dose of CBD. It also contains fresh vine fruits, sweet currants, sultanas, and raisins. The cannabidiol-infused dessert might prove to be a great seller for Firebox, as Christmas hosts attempt to dodge the inevitable family clashes.

Firebox Launches the UK's First CBD Christmas Pudding
Source: Firebox

Firebox describes the CBD Christmas Pudding on its website:

“Have one of these babies tucked away in the cupboard and you’ll be able to diffuse any Christmas emergency… Big row kicking off? CBD to the rescue.”

Firebox reckons that this Cannabis themed Chrismas pud could replace (at least partly) the classic coping mechanism: Drinking. We all do it – down prosecco, brandy, and any other alcoholic beverage on offer to drown out our annoying uncle…

Cannabidiol or CBD is completely legal in the UK in its pure form. CBD derivatives may also contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, so long as none of these are controlled substances.

This Christmas pudding utilises a CBD preparation, which also includes Cannabis terpenes. The pud retails at £9.99, making it a fairly affordable Christmas dessert option. It might be worth giving a go – even if just for the novelty of a Christmas pudding with Cannabis leaves on the packaging…


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