First Jamaican cannabis flower product made available in Europe

24th August 2021

Medical cannabis flowers produced in Jamaica are being made available in Europe for the first time. Jamaican cannabis flowers will now be made available through prescription via German pharmacies.

Australian-based cannabis company, Cannim, produces the “Lumir” product alongside one of the leading cannabis cultivators in Jamaica. The product will be made available to medical cannabis patients in Germany using the “Fast-Track Access” platform that was recently launched by Cantourage.

Medical cannabis company Cantourage offers a unique end-to-end solution that enables the cultivator to ship its cannabis flower product to Germany. Cantourage manages the manufacturing and distribution of the Jamaican-grown Lumis product.

Through the introduction of new cultivars, Cantourage and cultivator, Cannim, are aiming to provide new treatment options for a variety of conditions to patients across Europe.

Philip Schetter, Co-CEO of Cantourage comments: “We are delighted to offer patients in Germany this unprecedented opportunity by bringing medical cannabis from Jamaica into the fast-growing European medical cannabis market for the first time.

“We are excited to offer Cannim’s high-quality indica-dominant Lumir flowers in Europe and to further create access to the European market for medical cannabis from across the world through our platform.

“Cantourage continues to provide innovative cultivars and a safe, diverse supply for patients.”

Stuart Marsh, Chief Commercial Officer of Cannim adds: “Germany represents an exciting opportunity for Cannim. Our ability to cultivate high quality, medical-grade Jamaican cannabis that meets the strict standards of the German Pharmacopoeia is testament to the experience and expertise of our team in Jamaica.

“With our 500-acre plantation and over six cultivation circles per year, Cannim ensures continuous supply of medicinal cannabis all year round.

“Our partnership with Cantourage allows us to introduce our products to the European market and provide new therapy options for patients.”

Cantourage launched its fast-track access platform in June 2021, with 14 cultivators from around the globe now having signed on to it. Behind the introduction of medical cannabis products from Uruguay, Cannim’s Lumir product is the second medical cannabis product entering the European market through the Fast-Track Access platform.

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