First Medical Cannabis Prescriptions for Project TWENTY21 Patients

6th May 2020

Last year, Drug Science gave hope to thousands of patients with the announcement of Project TWENTY21, a medical cannabis registry set to be the largest of its kind in Europe. Now, medical cannabis company Khiron has received the first cannabis prescriptions for participating patients.

Project TWENTY21 is expected to enlist up to 20,000 UK patients for medical cannabis prescriptions by 2021. The aim is to build a body of evidence of the efficacy of medical cannabis products for a variety of conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, and Multiple Sclerosis.

The registry is backed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists- one of the leading medical bodies in the UK. Earlier this year, Khiron Life Sciences announced that they would be providing medical cannabis products for the scheme. The company’s EU GMP products are now available for prescription from doctors and specialists participating in the study.

About Project TWENTY21

Cannabis was rescheduled in the UK in November 2018, allowing for the medical application of approved products. Although this was a crucial step in improving patient access to medical cannabis products, few patients have benefitted from the change. The government and medical bodies have been consistently criticised as a result of poor frameworks for patient access to medical cannabis.

Few medical cannabis prescriptions have been processed in the UK, with the majority of these being processed in private clinics.

However, last year, Drug Science launched Project TWENTY21 in order to provide more of the evidence needed to accelerate access in the UK. The registry will focus on patients suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, Tourette’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorder, epilepsy, and substance abuse disorder.

Project Lead from Drug Science, Professor David Nutt commented:

“Khiron’s assistance in delivering Project Twenty21 will expand the formulary significantly. Our shared vision, accelerating access of medical cannabis to patients who need it the most, will be greatly enhanced by the support provided by the Khiron team.”

If successful, the project will create the largest patient registry for medical cannabis in the whole of Europe and potentially provide medical policymakers with the evidence they need to begin to expand the medical cannabis sector in the UK.

About Khiron Life Sciences Corp.

Khiron Life Sciences is a vertically integrated medical cannabis company, based in Latin America. The company has core operations in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

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